"Y" Oklahoma has:

  • The oil and natural gas to power the retooling.
  • The sun and wind to sustain the transition.
  • Oil service and pipeline companies with the equipment and skilled crews to build JPods Networks (and Hyperloop if they get their acts together).
  • Excellent and affordable quality of life to attract talent.
  • Geography. Although I-80 and I-70 are shorter transcontinental routes, they have winters and mountains that add complications to the first high-speed tube networks. By contrast, Oklahoma City is at the crossroads of the best geography for connecting the East and Southeast to the West.

The Oil and Gas Industry needs renewable to avoid the repeating cycles of boom and bankruptcy (2019 and 2020). The Dallas Fed is warning of another down cycle this decade.

Objective: Get private capital to invest $3 billion in Oklahoma in the next 3 years to make Oklahoma the commercial capital of the Physical Internet®

Requested Actions:

  • Make Oklahoma the commercial center of innovation for self-driving cars, PRT/podcars, and Hyperloops by declaring a free market for transportation innovation.
  • Implement the 5X5 Standards as the means of enforcing the Oklahoma Constitution for free markets in transportation innovation.


Consequences of Oklahoma restoring free markets:

  • Oklahoma becomes the hero for small and creative transportation innovators, the “Silicon Valley” of the Physical Internet®. 
  • Physical Internet® is a registered trademark of mine. I will license the State to use “Home of the Physical Internet” for its Economic Development efforts to become the center for digitizing mobility. 
  • Capital will invest in startups in Oklahoma because they made money on the digitizing of communications after courts ended the Federal communications monopoly in 1982. Oklahoma would be recognized as repeating that success in transportation.
  • JPods has a contract in China we cannot fill until we have a US manufacturing base. Goldman Sachs provided JPods a Letter of High Interest relative to investing $4-6 billion in JPods networks once we can restore free markets. Oklahoma declaring a free market would allow JPods to raise the capital to build our base of manufacturing in Oklahoma.

Scale of the opportunity and why capital will Invest:

  • Traffic costs Americans $1.7 trillion per year. At least half of these costs can be converted to jobs, customer savings, and profits by automating transportation.
  • The Federal government is working between two infrastructure packages of $568 billion and $2 trillion.
  • $billions are being invested in self-driving cars, high-speed trains, and Hyperloops.

Background on the Physical Internet®:

  • Hyperloop between cities:
  • JPods urban networks:
    • US Patent:
      • Networks of self-driving cars: “A method of controlling a transportation System for moving people, freight, and any combination whereof using a distributed network of intelligent devices without requiring the aid of a human driver”
      • Solar-powered mobility networks: “The method... providing... Solar and wind power generators integrated into the physical Structure of Said transportation System....
    • 10X benefits of JPods urban networks.
    • Solar collectors we manufacture in NY. We would build a much larger $30 million factory in OK.
  • Self-driving cars, Uber/Lyft, scooters, drones, etc… as last-mile and off-network solutions.