Eight Presidents declared dependence on imported oil a threat to national security. In that period oil imports have increased from 20% to 65%. JPods' intent is to break the institutional barriers that have created this Potato Famine potential. Call to Actions

Call to Actions (following copied from this link).

  • President Obama, 2010, "For decades we have known that the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were numbered...." Foreign oil 49.2%.
  • President W. Bush, 2006, “Keeping American competitive requires affordable energy. Here we have a serious problem. America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world.” Foreign oil 59.9%.
  • President Clinton, 1995, “The nation’s growing reliance on imports of oil … threatens the nation’s security … [we] will continue efforts to … enhance domestic energy production.”   Foreign oil 44.5%. 
  • President Bush, 1992, “There is no security for the United States in further dependence on foreign oil.”  Foreign oil 40.6%.
  • President Reagan, 1981, “While conservation is worthy in itself, the best answer is to try to make us independent of outside sources to the greatest extent possible for our energy.”  Foreign oil  33.6%.
  • President Carter, 1979, “This intolerable dependence on foreign oil threatens our economic independence and the very security of our Nation. The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear and present danger to our Nation. These are facts and we simply must face them.” Foreign oil 43.1%.
  • President Ford, 1975, “First, we must reduce oil imports by 1 million barrels per day by the end of this year and by 2 million barrels per day by the end of 1977. Second, we must end vulnerability to economic disruption by foreign suppliers by 1985.” Foreign oil 35.8%
  • President Nixon, 1974, “At the end of this decade, in the year 1980, the United States will not be dependent on any other country for the energy we need. We will hold our future in our hands alone.” Foreign oil 30%.


Eight President CNBC on Foreign Oil as an Enemy. from Bill James on Vimeo.

During the period eight Presidents declared imported oil a threat to national security, an enemy of the Constitution, Federal policymakers taxed the people and built infrastructure that mandated oil imports increase from 20% to 60%. Violating the Constitution's "post Roads" restriction created a monolithic dependence on debt buying foreign oil. This monolithic dependence repeats the monolithic dependence that resulted in Potato Famines in the 1840s. Syria is likely a model for the coming Oil Famine.