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Bill James


I moved to Tulsa in 2017 after a short visit. Tulsa is ideally located to become the center of the Physical Internet®, my US Patent:

  • Networks of self-driving cars: “A method of controlling a transportation System for moving people, freight, and any combination whereof using a distributed network of intelligent devices without requiring the aid of a human driver”
  • Solar-powered mobility networks: “The method... providing... Solar and wind power generators integrated into the physical Structure of Said transportation System....”

"Y" Tulsa? "Y" Oklahoma?

  1. The best route (distance, no mountains, no winter) for the high-speed tube networks, such as Hyperloop, intersect in Oklahoma.
  2. The pipeline companies in Oklahoma are equipped and skilled to build JPods and Hyperloops.
  3. Oklahoma has access to the natural gas and oil that will be required to power the retooling.
  4. Oklahoma has the sun and wind to sustain the solar-powered mobility networks once constructed.