Theme parks, regulated by ASTM F24 standards, have an injury rate of about 0.2 per million.

Approximately 372 million guests safely enjoyed 1.7 billion rides at 400 U.S. amusement parks.

DOTs are self-regulated and have an injury-rate of 11,200 per million.

DOT injuries are 4.6 million medically consulted injuries per year. Radically safer transportation networks can replace the unsafe government monopolies.

DOTs have a death rate of 106 per million people (source: The Economic and Societal Impact Of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2010). Simply put, you are 530 times more likely to die from an automobile accident than to be injured on an amusement park thrill ride.

DOT's horrible safety record is to be expected from any organization that has sovereign immunity and is self-regulated:

Federalist #10 (Madison):  "No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity."

JPods builds on the safety and accountability of:

  • ASTM F24
  • Morgantown's PRT network that opened on Oct. 24, 1972 with two minor injuries since. In that same period of time, cars killed 1.8 million Americans.
  • Wuppertal's suspended train which carries about 25 million passengers per year. It went into operation in 1903. Since 1903, there has been only one fatal crash.